After the successful route of "SaiL GreQo USA - Yacht Services Company"  , we would like to announce to all our friends and customers that we are one of the proud representatives of Skipper-BSK RIB's , which we separate of all the other shipyards and found amazing Boats that we want to offer to ALL of you for charter or for buying !  

So we expand our fleet with 5 SKIPPER BSK RIB's to support further our services which are VIP transfers , Island hoping , Diving Activities ,Nautical Camping  ...and many more ! 

With unbeatable performance and awarded design , we are sure that Skipper-BSK shipyard can provide more than a Yachtsman/Sailor/Boater could ask ! 

Thats why we believe to them and share their vision ...  

SaiL GreQo USA Team